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Child Custody

The goal is to maximize quality time with both parents so that children are not deprived of strong bonds with both their parents. Learn more.


Mediation can be a safe time and place to tell one’s story to the other side and feel heard. Learn more.


What makes divorce so terrifying is the unknown, all the unanswered questions that keep you awake at night. We are hear to answer those questions. Learn more.

Self Care

By taking care of your self and using all the resources around you, you will be in the best posture to achieve the most promising legal result. Learn more.

Alecia Gamm Norman

As former President of Fayette County Bar Family Law Section, I understand the ins and outs of Kentucky's family legal code and work to represent the interests of my clients across our Commonwealth. I believe the first step for any attorney is listening to their clients. A highly trained mediator, I use my experience and perspective to ensure your rights are protected and your desires are met.

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