The mediation process is completely voluntary. Typically, there are three hours allotted. A mediator is a neutral third party trained in mediation who aids in coming to a settlement. He/she is not a judge or arbitrator and has no power over the case. The mediator will talk to parties with their attorneys and try to suggest creative ideas or different perspectives in order to come to a settlement.

Attorneys attend mediation to help the client understand his/her rights and give advice to achieve a settlement that is in the client’s best interest.

Often times, settlements are corporately drafted and signed in the same day. Bear in mind that even when a settlement is not reached, a mediation session can lay the ground work for compromise. Sometimes, it takes a few days to process new information and a settlement may be only a phone call away! If the parties agree, multiple mediation sessions can be scheduled to achieve the desired result.

Alecia Gamm Norman

As former President of Fayette County Bar Family Law Section, I understand the ins and outs of Kentucky's family legal code and work to represent the interests of my clients across our Commonwealth. I believe the first step for any attorney is listening to their clients. A highly trained mediator, I use my experience and perspective to ensure your rights are protected and your desires are met.

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