The divorce process begins with a petition that is filed in the county clerk’s office. In accordance with Kentucky law, this petition must be legally served to the other spouse. Service can be accomplished most often by a local constable or officer at the sheriff’s office. The officer or constable will not embarrass anyone at their workplace, but they will serve the spouse at home to ensure legal service. Other options include service through certified mail or signing a waiver of service. The receiving spouse then has twenty days to file a response.

Next, both spouses must prepare a preliminary verified disclosure statement. These worksheets can be accessed through the Kentucky Courts homepage, at https://courts.ky.gov/resources/legalforms/LegalForms/238239.pdf.

It is important to disclose all debts and assets so that both parties can achieve a fair settlement. In practicing family law, the most time seems pass during the stage of gathering these financial disclosures and working with the client to finalize these forms with attachments. It is highly beneficial to set aside time to quickly finish this task so that your dissolution is not delayed unnecessarily.

Be proactive in your case and have this information gathered so the law firm does not have to remind and hassle you for the documents.

Once this discovery process is complete, it is time to either informally trade settlement proposals, attend mediation in hopes of gaining a global settlement, or attend a case management conference to glean guidance on any difficult issues. In family law, settlement is very common because of the emergence and popularity of these settlement tools. Ultimately, the family law judge can decide any or all issues that are not resolved. Our firm is dedicated to assessing each case to achieve the best outcome for a family in need.

Alecia Gamm Norman

As former President of Fayette County Bar Family Law Section, I understand the ins and outs of Kentucky's family legal code and work to represent the interests of my clients across our Commonwealth. I believe the first step for any attorney is listening to their clients. A highly trained mediator, I use my experience and perspective to ensure your rights are protected and your desires are met.

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